EZ Trust Antivirus

Computer Associate EZ Trust antivirus previously offered one year trial downloads for absolutely free. It could be downloaded through the website of Microsoft. This software is extremely effective and includes features like spyware, antivirus and parental control.

Latest features of Computer Associates Antivirus 2008:

1. Automatic file and e-mail scanning

2. Automatic live updating

3. Scheduled as well as hard drive scanning

4. Archive scanning

5. Interactive virus identification messages

6. Threat outbreak alarming system

7. File quarantine and file execution lists

The one thing you should remember is that antivirus protection keeps your PC safe from virus threats, but does not protect you from identity theft or spyware. CA Antivirus 2008 can be purchased for $39.99 for the first one year and can be renewed every year by paying $29.99.

CA also offers CA Antispyware 2008. It also offers a downloadable version for free. This free version of antispyware only detects spyware threats but does not eliminate them. To repair as well as restore the damage caused by the spyware you need to purchase Antispyware 2008 by paying $39.99.

Characteristics of AC Antispyware 2008

1. Identifies and deletes spyware and provides real time protection

2. Updates automatically

3. Prevents irritating adware Pop-Ups

4. Prevents online identity theft

5. Speeds up PC

The people who want to keep their valuable and confidential data secure and safe can opt for a security suite which offers complete coverage in each and every protection product. But before availing security suite you should take the memory of your PC into consideration. If your computer is less than 1GB then installing security suite may slow down your PC. You can get CA Security Suite Plus simply by paying $69.99. It covers three computers and also provides antispyware, antivirus [http://www.supportonclick.com] supports.

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