Impressing the Subconscious Mind Quickly For Desired Outer Action

The key to impressing the subconscious mind, or creative power mind with what you want it to do is sufficient emotion and urgency. But how many people consistently have that? I am going to give in this article the secret to emotional activation and using the power of urgency to get what you want done. In itself, urgency is a powerful emotion, granted, but it takes more than that. For genuinely imagination and emotion combined are the most powerful forces in existence. But, alone, they are genuinely fragmented.

The unification of these two conditions are the most powerful modality in existence though to genuinely get things done, add genuine creativity to the mix and you have the full power and range of what the mind can do. Sure, I could mention will power, but will power is more competitive than anything imaginative, that is why it never works. That brings me to a point, when you are in a competitive mindset, with urgency without the sufficient imagination or emotion, it never works. Think about that statement, you will find it all real, true, and factual, even in every day matters such as work, play or anything. The winnings in games of strategy usually go to the most creative and ingeniously strategic. Strategy as a creative instead of a competitive medium. This is what I mean.

Your mind and your life are only as active as you make them in a creative for yourself way, not a competitive with others way. When you focus on things outside of yourself, you give your power away to others. I did not say, do not relate to others. But I am saying be careful how you do relate to others and yourself.

Mental prowess though, is not so much a competitive thing as it is a creative thing as a whole. Think about it, your mind and your life are an artistic medium where you impress the images onto a deeper canvas to create what you want. I know, that does not make sense yet, but it will, just bear with me and go on reading. Competition with others is the problem humanity at this stage of the game, because too much emphasis on others and power given to others is happening, instead of people using their own power to improve their own lives as a whole.

In all self improvement books that have the right idea, emphasis is always put on how you can improve your life, not on how government can do it, no how anyone can think for you. It is always on how you can help yourself. So, I repeat what was supposedly on the emerald tablet at this point. As it is within, so it is without; as it is above, so it is below. That brings to a head the point I am trying to make about using your own power to improve your own life. The real key to alchemy is not the combination of outer chemicals and agents, it is the use of the ultimate agent, your own creative thoughts and actions to create a desired outcome. That is it. That is the ultimate control right there, self control. All the rest is commentary and mostly useless.

Think about the nature of power, power is meant to help us live better when we use it right. That is it, nothing more, nothing less. It is not made to be anything other than productively used energy forms. I know, now I am making it too basic. But if we want to know the advanced things, we have to start from the fundamentals and work up to that. Indeed, to win, we all must begin somewhere or every journey begins with the first step and ends with every step after that. That is my point. What must be done, must be done, and it is our responsibility. It is in our hands.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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